EnCor Růstový, otevřený podílový fond


The investment objective of the fund is to achieve above-standard crown appreciation over a longer time horizon by investing in capital markets using the EnCor investment model.

To this end, the Fund allocates to all major asset classes, mainly through investment instruments in equity, bond, real estate, and commodity markets. The Fund may invest in individual markets in index funds as well as in specific stocks, bonds, and other instruments, primarily in CZK, EUR, and USD, while maintaining an adequate level of risk. To ensure stability or increase returns for investors, the Fund uses partial or full hedging of exchange rate risk (against CZK), interest rate risk or other risks by means of financial derivatives.

Interim profits are reinvested and further appreciated. The fund does not track any benchmark or index but aims for an absolute return that outperforms a fixed-distribution portfolio over the long term and has a lower level of risk.


Fund type: Special collective investment fund, open-end mutual fund (OPF)
Security: Class A Share Certificate
ISIN: CZ0008477890
Date of foundation: 7 August 2023
Currency: CZK
Expected net return: 6% – 9% p.a.
Expected risk: Medium to higher
Investment horizon: 5 years or more
Fund manager: EnCor Asset Management, investiční společnost, a.s.
Management fee: 1.25% p.a.
Performance fee: 10% of positive annual return (high-water mark principle)



EnCor’s strategies use a quantitative investment model based on portfolio theory published by Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz.

We use different asset classes in our strategies, so you can find at times both US technology and Asia-Pacific stocks as well as commodities (gold, silver, copper, oil) in the fund.

Thanks to our active approach to asset management and regular changes in the strategy’s asset weights, we have historically added around 3.0% p.a. to the strategy’s return against a fixed allocation.


A major added value of the strategy is its active management.

Each quarter, our quantitative model evaluates forward-looking macroeconomic signals to assess the most optimal asset allocation for the following quarter.

Thus, in some quarters the model recommends large amounts of stocks or commodities, while sometimes the model is very conservative and chooses to invest in bond and money market assets.


EnCor is made up of professionals from the world of finance who have successfully managed the assets of large private clients, institutions and not-for-profit organizations as part of the wealth management arm of the investment firm.

Management for such clients must, by definition, be characterised by above-average returns, but stable enough to protect the assets of creditworthy clients against market fluctuations.

EnCor is now making its philosophy and investment approach of the quantitative model available to clients with less capital to invest.